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How Can we Make our Children Financially Savvy?



While we put a great amount of effort trying to get our children to study in the best schools, the best possible education they could get to ensure that they earn a decent income and secure their future, what is equally important is educating them about the financial aspects of saving, spending and investing (which a very few of us focus on). Some basic concepts like spending after  saving/investing, not the other way around needs to be imbibed into the minds of children in early stages of their life. It is a surprising fact that Continue reading

 Amazing Power of Compound Interest?

ci7 The most powerful force on the internet is Compound Interest  Albert Einstein.

The Single big investment mistake you can make is not starting early, power of compounding can be your ally in the financial battle with an evil force called inflation :-)


To illustrate further, let us consider a couple of examples.

1. One saver (Ram) who starts early (age 25), invests Rs 10,000 every month, until he reaches 35 and stops investing. Continue reading

What do Tim Duncan and KBC Winner Sushil Kumar Have in Common?

fp9 (2)Well… they both could have done much better in managing their wealth.

Tim Duncan, one of the most famous famous basketball players of all time, has won five NBA titles, been named Finals Most Valuable Player three times and regular season MVP twice. He was recently in the news as he joined the list of athletes who were exploited by their financial advisers, with whom these athletes trusted their money.
Continue reading

Lazy Man’s Guide to Building Wealth.

images (10)A thoughtful quote from a chinese philosopher
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”– Lao Tzu.
Take your time. Think, observe, research, set your goals and finally make your pick, research, and observe again! Keep adding to your good investments and let your money grow! All of us at various points of life think of being rich, build enough wealth for our long term goals of retirement, child education Continue reading