Investor Horizon is a personal finance blog started by Penchal Gaddam in 2015. He has close to 22 years experience in Investing, particularly in Indian Equities. The main intent of starting the blog is to share the knowledge and insights with the larger community.

He believes that while most of the people have the mindset of working hard to earn money, very few people are thinking of saving, and an even a smaller set of people are thinking of Investing. Investing is all about asset allocation and discipline.

He also feels that while most of the common people think of real estate or gold as investments, Equity is one of the asset classes, that help investors stay ahead of inflation. Yet there is a very low participation from Indian investors in Equity, either through Direct Stocks or Mutual funds.

This blog is his attempt to educate and encourage investors to consider Equity investing for their long term goals. If you have the patience to face ups and downs of the market with equanimity, Equity as an asset class needs to be part of your portfolio, in order to build wealth for long term. His favourite quote ‘It is not timing the market but time in the market that matters’.

This blog is an effort to share the financial knowledge and importance of financial planning at every stage of life.

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  1. Pinaki

    Hi Penchal, Very informative blog…I liked the article “Amazing Power of Compound Interest”. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. invest0907 Post author

      Thanks Pinaki, Compound Interest is an awesome utility, to really reap the benefits we need to start investing early, but better late then never.


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