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the abc’s of stocks

Why should a ‘LONG TERM’ investor stay calm during turbulent times?

alone.39A word long-term investing is so vogue, particularly when the markets are plummeting, any one who invested huge amount of money just few months before the markets started going down will have a tough time looking at the long-term prospects and returns in the market. Every day, when we hear news about china economy slowing down and crude oil price hitting new low, it is extremely difficult to stay calm.

In this context, It is important to distinguish between trader and investor. when a person is buying a stock expecting to sell with in few weeks or months and make a decent profits, Continue reading

India Story = Function(Population)

As a famous epithet from a famous Bollywood movie goes ‘Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!’‘

With all the news surrounding slowing global economy, particularly China slow down, why India remains a rare bright spot in the world economy, doing better than trouble spots such as Brazil, Russia and South Africa? With growing youth segment, rising incomes which is leading to increase in purchasing power, higher brand consciousness, growing urbanization, rising internet penetration and easily available credit, Continue reading

Top 10 mistakes of investors in stock market?

Common trite of both a novice investor and veteran investor are the mistakes they make independent of history of learning’s.

mistake.11k1.Being patient with losers and impatient with winners:Investors hold onto losing stocks too long in hopes they will come back to their original price while selling their winners too early. Several of these winners which are sold out early might be multibaggers down the line.

2.Fear and greed: Selling on fear and Buying on greed. As the legendary investor once said, it should be the other way around ‘Buy when every body else is selling and sell when every body else is buying’. It is a human psychology to react in this manner, but if you want to prevail in the crowd as smart investor, in these testing times ‘patience’ is more important attribute to have during the turbulent times.

3.Falling in love with stock: After doing lot of research you pick a stock, but over a period several things change, with new competition, they might be loosing market share, earning growth is decelerating, debt might be piling up, Continue reading