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5 Key Takeaways for Common Man from 2015 Budget!

bud33While some experts claim that this year’s budget is pragmatic, others say it is pro-corporate budget with nothing much for common man, except for additional taxes and no change in tax slabs (which is important for Indian middle class). I think it is a balanced budget with a long-term vision and addresses couple of key areas for the Indian middle class: more exemptions for long-term savings towards retirement and curbing black money. Continue reading

Why is Tax Planning a Prerequisite for Wealth Management ?

download (1)“Every Rupee saved is a Rupee earned. “

Most of us have a good idea on what our monthly income is, but very few know or calculate what your net monthly saving is!
Net Monthly Saving = Total Income – (Taxes + Expense).

While expense control is important, in this article; we will focus on how we can do some basic tax planning so that our net monthly saving increases by significant amount. This is like you giving a salary increment to yourself, Continue reading