Finance Jargon

Equity: Current paid up capital of the company

Face Value: Actual cost of the stock assigned by the security issuer and shown in the certificate

knowledge-tree-office-character-vectors_fy8qRRw_-224x300BV: Book value per share: Equity capital plus reserves to the number of equity shares

Promoters stake(%): It is the percentage share holding of promoters in the equity capital

RONW(%): Net profit divided by Total Networth

Sales: Sales figure includes excise duty

OPM: (%) is profit before other income, interest, depreciation and Tax(op) as percentage of sales

Profit after tax(NP): It is calculated without taking into account the income and expenditure of earlier years/of a non-recurring nature

Sales/NP var(%): Indicates the variance(%) in sales or net profit over the corresponding previous period

Earnings per share(EPS): Ratio of net profit less preference dividend to the number of equity shares(Annualized)

P/E Ratio: Market Price/TTM EPS (TTM – TRailing Twelve months)

Market Cap: Current Market price multiply no.of.equity shares

ROE: net income – preffered dividends/common equity

P/B Ratio: stock price/(Total Assets – Intangible Assets and Liabilities)


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