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Why should a ‘LONG TERM’ investor stay calm during turbulent times?

alone.39A word long-term investing is so vogue, particularly when the markets are plummeting, any one who invested huge amount of money just few months before the markets started going down will have a tough time looking at the long-term prospects and returns in the market. Every day, when we hear news about china economy slowing down and crude oil price hitting new low, it is extremely difficult to stay calm.

In this context, It is important to distinguish between trader and investor. when a person is buying a stock expecting to sell with in few weeks or months and make a decent profits, Continue reading

Deciphering SENSEX and NIFTY!

While there are several indexes which represent the stock market in India, Sensex and Nifty are the salient indexes which represent Indian stock market and these indexes are tracked at a global level to see how Indian stock markets are doing, similar to how we track  Dow Jones and Nasdaq indexes of US stock market.

For a stock market investor, it is always interesting to see how Sensex and Nifty moves impacts individual portfolios? To understand this, first we need to understand what are the stocks that comprise Sensex and Nifty Continue reading